Enter a Dog's World!

A huge and hearty woof to the precious member of your family! In a city where open spaces are overrun by concrete jungles, and humans barely have space, a pet can find it even harder to recharge. It can be cumbersome and challenging to find the right spaces to have the pet meet their need to connect with nature, themselves and others from their species. The typical kennel boardings do not offer the freedom and choices our furry friends deserve.

We understand your love for your furry kid. At Rock and Pebbles, we work around pet solutions, ensuring your pets have a great time as they run free, socialise, play, rest, communicate with other kids or just take a solitary walk. We also provide boarding and daycare services Our trained and caring staff ensures the best for your pet. We also have a cafe for the pets and their human parents. Rocks and Pebbles parents return to us for our tasty hand-beaten coffee and hot paranthas!

So, when are you visiting?

We are a free-roam boarding, park and cafe! Open spaces, greenery, doggy pool,  stimulating and enriching environment and expert hands welcome you and your pet for an awesome experience. Whether you are heading out of town and need a Dog boarding space, or you are just looking to come over on the weekend and let your pet have a relaxed outing. Rocks and Pebbles is the place to be. We even have a Dog school that picks pets from their doorstep, get them to the park for recharging, a meal and a return drop. 

The park itself is tucked away in a nice cozy corner of Gurgaon with a beautiful view of the Aravallis. It is spread over 2.5 acres in the remote, sleepy village Darbaripur. The only sounds you hear are the sounds of peacocks, migratory birds, and, if you are lucky, the neelgais.

For human parents, it’s a place to reconnect with your pet, choose a corner to have some “me time” and reconnect with nature.

New Pawrent?

Reach us for new parent support and hand holding.

Leaving town?

Your pet is safe with us!

A pet with choices is a Happy Pet

Enroll to our Pet School. Let them have choices to get enriched and rejuvenate by connecting the way they want to.

Need me time?

Come to Rocks and Pebbles and grab a corner

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