Sahen Upadhyay

Simba for us is that ray of sunshine that has brighten up our lives.

A few months back none of us thought that we’ll have this beautiful baby in our lives and how he will change it for the better.

We fostered Simba for a few days and the thought of giving him up broke us completely.

The first day Simba came home, my mom didn’t get off the dining table because that’s where she thought he couldn’t reach! In a matter of days, Simba won her heart.

For us, Simba is a synonym for MAGIC.

My mother who had never in her life touched a dog was spending her nights crying for him to come back after he got adopted by another family. But to our luck, we got him back, that day cannot be explained in words because it is the best decision of our lives, the best day of our lives.

Now my mom is woken up by Simba every morning and she hugs him, kisses him, pets him, makes him sleep on her lap and what not.

My dad who is, by the way, Simba’s number one person, keeps calling from office checking up on him, playing with him and Simba meanwhile waits for him the entireeee day. It’s at times unfair how much they love each other. Everyday at 7:00pm when my dad and Simba reunite it’s as if its been years since they met, and it’s the sweetest thing possible.

My parents at times call me and my brother Saurav, Simba, because Simba is who we talk about all the time. Simba brings out all the love we had inside and we present all of that to him on a plate, literally.

Simba brought with him a huge share of things, he has made us all more patient, more sharing, more empathetic, stronger, happier, and most importantly and weirdly, luckier.

My brother has meetings all day but he’ll make time for Simba because Simba is his escape from all the bad things in his life. Simba is an escape for all of us actually. Saurav who would never share his share of paneer with anyone would order extra paneer(at times give away his own share as well) so that they sit together and enjoy paneer.

He has such an impact on our lives that waking up at 5 am doesn’t seem so bad (at times 3:30), he looks at us as if we never feed him and his innocent face actually confuses my parents to feed him breakfast twice. Simba for me is that buddy i wake up to every morning and sit in balcony with, looking all around. He is all the positive vibes in my life combined.

He’s my dose of happiness. He makes life so beautiful. He is someone i tell everything to, and he never judges or complains (at least to me). He’s my best friend, my little boy, my child, my family.

For a long time, we thought that we were complete, but Simba truly and truly has completed our family. We would never go to walks after dinner, but we never miss a day since Simba came to us, everything we do for him, or he does for us, just happens from within. It’s for sure ‘Rab ne bana di jodi’.

I really think our lives wouldn’t have turned out this way if it wasn’t for Rocks and Pebbles. So thank you!

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