Rocks and Pebbles Rocks !!!

We truly are grateful for the wonderful care that the team at RnP takes of our cherished kid – Poco (our 1.9 year old Beagle).

When we were searching for a suitable pet boarding and day care for our Poco, we wanted an environment which is safe, healthy as well as an environment which gives him the freedom to enjoy. Ever since our first visit to RnP till now, we have had absolutely no cause for complain. We still remember an occasion where Poco had suffered an injury while he was being boarded as we have to go somewhere out of station. The team took him to the vet, got his treated and kept him in isolation from other dogs while he was healing. There was always one bhaiya who used to be by his side and attending and caring for him. Poco really loves going to school everyday and eagerly waits near the door at the scheduled pick up time. He has his own set of friends with whom he plays and has fun. He loves the food, the bhaiya’s, the care and comfort at RnP. It’s truly a home away from home for him when we are not around. Wishing RnP continued success in their endeavour- Shankar & Maithraye

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