My Journey with rocks n pebbles started when sultan came in my life. At the age of 50, he is my first pet that too German shepherd. Just imagine a high energy big dog that too in apartment.

When he was small he was really cute and obviously would love to run around and make friends with everyone. I would take him to my Parents place and he would be running in the house all day round.

Staying in apartment has certain constrain for big dogs like sultan as they need every day exercise so when he was 9 months old , we sent him first time to Rocksn Pebbles as we had heard great things about this place and we dropped him there and buoy sultan fell in love with this place the very first day.

It is been 2 years now Sultan has been going to Rocks n pebbles and every time Dinesh comes to pick him up he is all over him, infact he sits and waits at the door for him (don’t know how he comes to know that today he is going to meet his friends and party with them in Rocks n Pebbles .. no clue ) . He doesn’t even look back at me and say bye to me ( it is like I don’t exist and I feel sad actually jealous).

It is like this Sultan loves Rocks n Pebbles and reason is obvious that he is being taken care with lots of love and affection. Whole staff makes sure that all Kiddos are safe and well taken care of in terms of safety and also FOOD.

For us there is only one place to send to SULTAN .. that is RocksnPebbles.

And the credit goes to Vandana for sure as she is personally involved and monitors all day to day work. She is accessible and most important she loves each one of these kiddos.

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