Portrait of an RnP Doggo

We get up early in the morning and wait for the School Bus!

We love the ride in our bus – the converted black Scorpio!

Sometimes we get the front seat and are the driver’s bodyguard.

On arrival – we don’t forget our manners and make sure we start with the pee and poop, and mark our favourite plants, pots and corners!

Run… Run… Run…

Eyes only for his favorite Bhaiya, this one!

Some like to Swim…

Some like it not

Some like it in the mud – roll and roll!

Mealtime – we engage in Community Eating

This is how we play – rough-rough

We like the ball – but only the toxic tennis ones!

Some Rest…

Some should but don’t!

Time to go back and wait for the next day of School!

Some of us need a nudge to go ☺

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