So, we brought home this little doggo, Mr. Peanut, thinking he’d bring us some peace and relieve our stress. But boy, were we wrong! Turns out, taking care of a pet is way harder than raising a baby. This little beagle boy demands constant attention and wants to play all the time. But I gotta say, even though he’s a handful, he sure knows how to show his love and affection.

   So, we figured we had to do something to help him release his energy. We tried long walks, hired a dog trainer, and checked out different boarding centers, but Peanut didn’t seem interested and sometimes even looked unhappy. Then, one day, someone recommended Rock and Pebbles to us. It was a 30-minute drive from our school, but we were willing to do anything to make Peanut happy. We took him for a trial, and he absolutely loved it! They have a huge space, which is exactly what Peanut needs. Our only concern was how he would be cared for, but after meeting Vandana and her team, we realized that wouldn’t be a problem. Everyone at the dog park, from the owner to the helpers, loved dogs and treated them like little kids.

   Approximately two and a half years have passed since we initially began occasional night boarding for Peanut. Now, he attends their school system on a daily basis. This demonstrates the profound affection that Peanut and our entire family have for Rock and Pebbles. Occasionally, we attempt to keep Peanut exclusively for ourselves and provide him with a day off. On such days, he retrieves his leash and clothing, insisting that we take him to school.

   We started to board peanut just because me and my wife’s jobs are demanding and require a lot of travel in my case, Rock and pebbles soon turned out to be the best decision ever. The memories of Peanut going there for his first day, from him celebrating holi there and not wanting to return home, to us celebrating his bday there every time, makes us feel blessed to have Rock and Pebbles with us.

  Thank you Vandana, Aparna and the entire Team for this amazing journey and of course it’s just the beginning.

Cheers, Sushant (Peanut’s dad)

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