We have 2 indie dogs a 3.5 year old male named Spud and a 4.5 year old female named Jinjoo. Spud has been with us since 2020 ( a covid baby) and Jinjoo since 2021. We actually found her at RnP. Spud has been going to Rocks and Pebbles since 2021. Being a COVID baby we were not able to socialise him much with other dogs. We were not sure of taking him to a dog park and our experience with another park was not very encouraging. I heard about Vandana’s park through the IIM network and approached her with some hope and lots of trepidation. I recall giving her a long account of how Spud may not get along with other dogs and we just wanted a small corner for him where he can run. I remember her words, “please bring him, we will find him a corner”. I think one of the best decisions we made for Spud! It has been nearly 4 years and Spud goes to the park regularly. What I love about the park is that any new fur baby is observed and eased into interacting with other pets. There is no one size that fits all approach. The staff are very polite but more importantly genuinely friends with the pets. In fact, I do not think that Spud’s tail wags as much as for anyone as for his bhaiyyas from the park. Pets are treated as individuals and their behaviours and quirks are graciously accomodated. The park offers a large space with thoughtful and adequate divisions for letting different fur babies have their space in case they do not want to interact with other pets. Spud definitely found his corner and how!

Coming to Jinjoo, as I mentioned, we found her at RnP. Abandoned and lost, a pregnant and scared Jinjoo landed at RnP through another pet parent. She was looked after with great care and love and gave birth to 3 healthy pups who all found forever homes through RnP. RnP also helped to look for a home for Jinjoo and this gentle soul ended with us. Again, it is extremely commendable that there is a lot of effort and due diligence put in to ensure that the fur babies find suitable and decent homes. We have also fallen back on RnP to foster a few other dogs who have well looked after and showered with love. 

Apart from all that I have mentioned, a big factor orf comfort is the openness and transparency displayed by Vandana and the rest of the team. There is never an attempt to hide anything that has gone wrong. It is immediately owned up and remedial measures put in place immediately. There is also a constant effort to enrich the experience for the pets. It could be treks, new attractions at the park, devising new games or just dotting the park with colorful objects for the furries to explore. Health is taken seriously with diets being customised to seasons and discussed with parents. 

Jinjoo and Spud also use the boarding facility regularly and we do not have to worry about them when they are at RnP. My husband and I often discuss how RnP has been a boon for us and that we may not have been able to manage our pets without them. If I were to summarise, a few things will always bind us to RnP – freedom, space, trust, transparency, love and genuine care for the pets. I hope that there is an RnP in many locations. It just adds so much to our fur babies’ lives. Wishing Vandana and her team great success and many more achievements – Devyani, Mom

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