Tucker is my first pet. He came into life pretty suddenly. My kid, then 11, howled, cried, begged me to get a dog with a promise that he will take care of him in every sense. I had to give in.

Almost a month half, Tucker chose me , when we went to meet him. no matter how hard my husband and my son tried to hold him he kept coming to me. That was our first interaction.

The first few months were like being pushed in a pool, and you dont know how to swim asking to swim..

Staying in a flat, with so many rules to be followed, I felt so guilty of keeping this little furball indoors..and thats when the magic happened … somebody referred RNP to me, I think Tucker was just 4 or 5 months then and so was RNP…I think… fairly new…

I wish I could share that video, when Tucker got that huge field to run..he went crazy…

There was no looking back… I would have loved to say that RNP is second home to Tucker , but it’s the other way round.
Tucker loves to be in RNP.

The biggest advantage ofcourse is socializing with other kids, making friends, and ofcourse the much needed excercise..running and playing.

The love and care he gets in RNP is hard to pen down.

I am glad to be a part of RNP family which has made Tuckers life so joyful and super fun.

Vandana has extreme love for the four legged kids, compassionate, honest and loving. It’s always them for her first and I totally love this. She is my go to person, Like 24×7 helpline for every query, every support and everything I need for Tucker.

We love RNP

  • Smriti – Tucker’s Mom

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