Why the Name Rocks and Pebbles

Have you heard this management story of priorities and a Jar?

Take an empty jar.

Fill with sand. Is it full? Of course, it is!

Now try putting some pebbles in it. Some do fit in, though the jar was full of sand, but most of them just fall off.

How about trying some rocks? Nah! Jar already full.

Now, reverse the order.

Take the empty jar.

Fill with Rocks. Is it full? Yup!

Now try putting some pebbles. Observe how the pebbles fit into the empty spaces between the rocks. Is the jar full now? Yup again!

How about now we take the sand and gently pour into the jar. It will find its way into the empty spaces and fit inside!

This is life. Make sure to take care of the important things first – like friends, families, your values, relationships, health – the Rocks of your life. Pebbles are the other things that matter – like school, work. Sand represents the materialistic possessions. 

It is important to have your priorities right. Your wellbeing and happiness depend on the rocks and pebbles in life!

Inspired by this fable, we chose this name, as this is an important part of our lives – it completes us and brings happiness to our lives.
You can also refer to this video for another version of the fable

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